Here I sit, broken-hearted, All logged in, but work unstarted. First net.this and net.that, And a hot buttered bun for net.fat. The boss comes by, and I play the game, Then I turn back to net.flame. Is there a cure (I need your views), For someone trapped in net.news? I need your help, I say 'tween sobs, 'Cause I'll soon be listed in net.jobs.

This site is for my SlackBuilds, which build Slackware Linux packages, that I don't have on slackbuilds.org. There are a few oddities here, mostly compiling from GIT or SVN repos. Hopefully, you will find some of them useful.

Soma is a console/dialog radio stream player which should work on any *nix with mplayer, alsa and dialog installed. My mkslack application will build SlackBuilds and supporting files from the standard templates offered at slackbuilds.org.

The link to Studioware will take you to the main site of the Studioware project that I'm involved with. We have SlackBuilds and packages for many audio, video and photograph editing applications. Please drop me an email if you know of anything that would fit in on that site that we don't already have.

This site is also avaliable via gopher://dawoodfall.net