"I want to buy a husband who, every week when I sit down to watch `St. Elsewhere', won't scream, `FORGET IT, BLANCHE ... IT'S TIME FOR "HEE HAW"!!'"
          -- Berke Breathed, "Bloom County"

This site is for my SlackBuilds, which build Slackware Linux packages, that I don't have on slackbuilds.org. There are a few oddities here, mostly compiling from GIT or SVN repos. Hopefully, you will find some of them useful.

Soma is a console/dialog radio stream player which should work on any *nix with mplayer, alsa and dialog installed. My mkslack application will build SlackBuilds and supporting files from the standard templates offered at slackbuilds.org.

This site is also avaliable via gopher://dawoodfall.net